Let us stock your office Pantry

Chef Steinberg Catering features many items that would be healthy and delicious additions to your work pantry. From dips to salads to sandwiches let us fuel the engine that keeps your business running…your employees.


Baba ganoush

Salmon dip

Onion dip

Whitefish salad

Pickled white fish



Salatim (salads)

Cucumber and tomato Israeli salad


Shredded Carrot with lemon and parsley

Lentil salad with Roasted tomatoes and garlic

Cous cous with artichoke, olive, cherry tomatoes

Quinoa salad with sweet potatoes

Barley and roasted summer squash

Pickled cauliflower

Pickled onion with dill and cucumber


Roasted turkey breast on challah with cranberry relish

Grilled chicken and caramelized onions on focaccia with kale pistachio pesto

Chicken schnitzel hero with dill pickled slaw and mustard vinaigrette

House-smoke pastrami and corned beef on rye with mustard

Roasted eggplant, carrot and cucumber on whole wheat with hummus