Almost there… 

Chef Steinberg presents prepared foods to be finished at home.

Kabobs with all the trimmings- be a star at your next BBQ with fully assembled raw chicken, lamb, beef and or salmon kabobs. This comes with pita, flat bread, hummus, and isreali salad.


Baked ziti- toss me in the oven for a satisfyingly cheesy vegetarian dinner.


Bubbe’s brisket- We’ll spend the time braising. All you need to do is reheat me.


Larry’s Red sauce- Chef Steinberg’s dad’s signature sauce. Flavorful tomato sauce simmered for hours all you need do is heat me up and add pasta.


Whole house-smoked pastrami- impress your carnivore friends with this locally sourced smoky, savory, tender goodness. Includes rye bread and proper mustard (Kosciuszko).